Visual artist and actress, Renata Andrade develops, since 2002, a poetic and feminine work at the border of several fields. Her form of expression, between scenic arts, construction of objects and installations, appears as a reflection of her own identity and her favorite themes, at the limit between the natural and the built, the feminine and the masculine, the dominated and the dominant, the traditional and the modern.

She is inspired by biological and social factors and finds a medium of expression in the appropriation of myths, this non-conscious form that connects all individuals in a complex order.

To achieve her goals, the artist relies on his experience as an artist to slip into new moments of life. From these experiences, she expresses herself through sculpture, engraving, performance, video or installation. “If you really express your own “self”, everyone can identify itself, explains the artist. And these “self-portraits” become a representation of a collective. “

The result of these questions is embodied in themes such as aging, the cycle of life, sexuality, gender or domination. Plastically, this takes shape through different subjects and multiple languages, the whole constituting an expressive, polemic and feminist set.

Through myths, the artist questions the social problems of our societies. She uses, for example, the metaphor of Daphne’s myth to denounce the stalemate of the feminine condition. “How to escape from the aggressive act of Appolon without paying the price by losing our identity and being condemned to be transformed into a plant imprisoned for the rest of its life in the same place ?” Without having an answer, the artist proposes as a potential solution the awareness of social construction, as an hypothetical light to solve this problem.

One of her more important themes and the best known is the “women-trees”. A concept that the artist has found in some of his childhood drawings. Today, she revisits the meaning of this early and spontaneous expression by producing works combining both artistic refinement and strong mythical significance. As the artist explains: “women-trees question, among other things, one of the basic question of women and human beings in general: the same root that feeds us also imprisons us. “

The theme has split and reached other shores through the appearance of the Nucleo Sap. This group is formed by various nomadic artists. The intention of these artists is to create moments of reflection, exchange, learning, discussions and, finally, artistic production. The project started in Brazil and has already gained a foothold in Argentina and France, place where the artist lives and produces her works.